24 Hour Newark Airport Parking

Parking at Newark Airport Has Never Been Easier

When it comes to vacations or business trips, you have enough to worry about. From getting to the airport to picking up your rental car to finding your hotel and more, luggage is one of the last things you want to deal with. That’s why at Value Parking, our shuttle to Newark Airport includes free luggage assistance. You’ll never have to worry about hauling your luggage across an airport parking lot or onto or off of a shuttle.

Friendly Service

Our family-owned and operated company has been serving travelers with a smile for years. From the time you check in to the time you check out, you’ll experience friendly service that will start and end your trip right. We even have friendly shuttle drivers to take you to and from our airport parking location.

Our Newark Airport Shuttles

At Value Parking, our luggage assistance makes the shuttle to Newark Airport even better. Once you arrive at our lot, we’ll unload your luggage from your car and load it right onto one of our shuttles. Our EWR parking lot is located just two miles from the airport, which means your trip will be short and sweet. We’ll drop you right off at your terminal, unload your luggage for you, and send you on your way. When you return from your trip, simply hop on one of the shuttles back to our lot. We’ll give your luggage the same great treatment!

Open 24/7

We know travel never sleeps, and neither do we. Our airport parking location is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes our shuttle to Newark Airport. Our shuttles run at all hours of the day, so whether your flight is at 6 a.m. or you return at midnight, we’ll be here to take you to or pick you up from EWR. Make a reservation with Value today and enjoy a convenient airport parking experience the next time you fly out of EWR. We are proud to offer the best valet parking location Near Newark Airport.

Reserve Newark Airport Parking

Safe and Secure Parking

Free luggage assistance is one of the many reasons to choose Value Parking, but perhaps the best reason is our secure parking lot. EWR parking is not secure, and accidents, theft, and vandalism occur on a daily basis. Those issues aren’t a concern when you park with us. Our parking area is completely fenced in and only accessible to our customers and staff. We have a state-of-the-art surveillance system that provides 100% coverage and is monitored and recording around the clock, and we also have staff members who routinely patrol the parking area to ensure that all is in order. Take your next trip with the peace of mind that your vehicle is going to be in the same excellent condition when you return.

Free Cancellations

At Value Parking, we understand that plans change. Perhaps a flight is canceled, a business meeting is moved out a week or two, or you woke up feeling under the weather. No matter the reason for your cancellation, Value Parking understands and wants to help. Just contact us within 24 hours of your reservation. We’ll cancel it with no questions asked and refund your money, or we can move your reservation to the date when you will be traveling out of EWR.

Free Luggage Assistance and Other Benefits

Free luggage assistance is just one of the ways that the Value Parking team goes above and beyond to ensure that you have an amazing experience with us each and every time you park here. Our team is made up of friendly and professional customer service specialists who are here for you at all hours of the day and night. Other reasons to choose us include a well-lit and canopied boarding area, as well as clean and modern shuttles that take you directly to your terminal.

EWR parking

A Covered and Well-Lit Canopy

Our shuttles run on demand rather than a set schedule. The free luggage assistance we offer includes handling your luggage when you arrive, loading your baggage onto a shuttle, and handling it at your terminal for both drop-off and pickup. Our boarding area is canopied and well-lit so that you’ll be protected even if departing or arriving at nighttime or during a bad storm. We always have a shuttle ready to go, and you can leave as soon as you’re ready to depart, and on your return, we’ll have a shuttle at your terminal to pick you up within just minutes of you calling us.

Economy Parking at EWR

Economy parking at Newark Airport may seem cheap, but there are hidden costs, including the potential that your vehicle could be damaged while you’re away on business or vacation. Parking at the airport is also much more inconvenient. You don’t reserve an actual spot. You need to find one and then drag your luggage all the way to the terminal within the time you have remaining to make your flight. The Value Parking experience is all-around better due to free luggage assistance and shuttles that drop you off and pick you up right in front of your terminal.

Earn Free Parking

Our VP Club is open to all of our customers and is completely free without any hidden costs. If you opt-in, you’ll enjoy our member-exclusive parking rate and also have access to a detailed online customer profile along with receipts, reservation tracking, and much more. In addition, you’ll earn VP Club points. You’ll earn 10 points just for joining up and an additional point each time you pay for parking, and you can trade those points in 10 at a time for a free day of parking with free luggage assistance and all other perks included.

Enjoy Free Luggage Assistance and Much More With Value Parking

The team at Value Parking is confident that once you experience free luggage assistance and the other aspects of our customer service, you’ll never want to park anywhere else. Book your parking reservation with us online today, or contact us with any additional questions.