Low EWR Parking Rates With Even More Perks

When it comes to vacations, we know you spend enough on your plane ticket, hotel, rental car, and more. The last thing you want to do is pay too much for parking. A vacation should be fun and at Value Parking, we work to make it even better with our affordable Newark Airport long term parking rates and valet parking service.

Long-Term & Short-Term Parking

Whether you park for a weekend or for a month, the cost of parking at Newark Airport can add up quickly. At Value Parking, we offer the same low parking rate no matter how long you park with us. From short getaways to long work trips, you’ll never have to pay more due to the length of your trip. In addition, we don’t designate a parking lot for short-term parkers or long-term parkers. Our EWR valet parking service will make sure you car will be parked in the same parking lot no matter when you leave and return.


Some travelers believe great rates and safety can’t go hand-in-hand. At Value Parking, we’re here to show you they can. Our affordable Newark Airport parking comes complete with the safety features of our parking lot. We offer a strong, sturdy fencing system, 24-hour security, video surveillance, and bright lights throughout our area. We know your car is important to you and we make sure we treat it like it’s one of our own. When you park with Value, you can rest easy knowing your car is in good hands.


While parking at Newark Airport may seem convenient, the crowds of travelers, limited parking, and high parking rates make it more trouble than it’s worth. At Value Parking, we’re located just minutes from EWR, which means we can drop you off at your terminal entrance in no time. Our fast, comfortable shuttles are the easy way to get from our location to EWR and we’ll even load and unload your luggage for you! Our shuttles come free with every reservation, so you’ll never have to pay extra for great service.

Skip the high parking prices at Newark Airport and find out why so many travelers turn to the great rates for long term parking at Value Parking. Make your reservation today.