Parking Near EWR

Meeting All of Your Parking Needs

When you take a flight out of EWR for business or pleasure, you shouldn’t have to worry about your car, but that’s often exactly what happens when you park at the airport. That’s why choosing Value Parking is the smart choice. We provide you the peace of mind that your vehicle will be safe while you’re away, and we offer a wide range of ancillary services that make getting to and from the airport much more convenient, such as our Newark Airport parking shuttle. The next time you need to drive to the airport, leave the worries and inconveniences aside by choosing Value Parking.

Avoiding EWR Parking Lots

While it may seem convenient just to park at the airport, convenience usually isn’t the reality. The parking lots at EWR have been designed to maximize profits and the available space. Finding the right parking lot can be a hassle, and you may find yourself with no choice but to park further away from your terminal then you’d like. You’ll have to struggle with your luggage, and if you’re not familiar with the experience, it’s easy to miss your flight. Even if you make it, you never know what to expect when you return. There is no surveillance or patrols for airport parking, and common incidents include unreported accident damage, break-ins, vandalism, and even outright theft.

Our Newark Airport Parking Shuttle

When you park with Value Parking, our Newark Airport parking shuttle service is included at no additional charge. This is a fast and convenient service for all types of people, including first-time travelers, frequent flyers, families and other groups, and those flying solo. Once you’ve checked in, we’ll direct you to a parking shuttle that is ready to depart as soon as you are. All of our shuttles are clean and modern and operated by professional drivers who are highly experienced and have been thoroughly vetted prior to being hired. Your driver will even load your luggage for you, and he or she will then drive you to the airport, drop you off at your terminal, and unload your luggage. Our shuttle drivers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that includes the holidays.

Reserve Newark Airport Parking

Returning Made Easy

Our Newark Airport parking shuttle is not a one-way service. Value Parking will ensure that you get back to your vehicle safely and quickly as well. When you return, just give us a call. No matter the particular day or how early or late it is, we’ll have drivers standing by. One of our drivers will drive out to the airport and pick you up at your terminal. We’ll load your luggage for you, and once you’re set, we’ll drive you back to our location so that you can check out and be on your way home as soon as possible.

The Many Benefits of Value Parking

Whether you need short-term or long-term parking, there are many great reasons to choose Value Parking. We’re a family-owned and -operated business that prides itself on great customer service. Our company offers affordable parking rates and includes many additional services at that low singular price, including our Newark Airport parking shuttle. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Valet parking services are available, and you can prepay online. A covered and lit canopy is provided for shuttle loading and unloading. Our parking lot is fenced and under surveillance around the clock. Our location is handicap accessible, and we offer free luggage assistance. If your flight is canceled or you change plans at the last minute, you can cancel at any time. We never charge a fee. We also offer a wide range of car care options as add-ons, such as having your car washed or your gas tank filled.

Free Parking With Our Value Parking Club

Our VP Club is a way to appreciate our customers even more and to give back to them. You can sign up for our Value Parking Club as soon as today. There is no cost to join and never any fees. As a club member, you’ll receive a point every day you park with us, and when you’ve accumulated 10 points, you can trade them in for a free day of valet parking. VP Club members not only earn free parking but get a discounted rate on the parking they pay for. You’ll also have access to a detailed profile through which you can track your parking reservations and receipts.

Enjoy Our Free Newark Airport Parking Shuttle

The next time you fly out of Newark Airport, choose Value Parking and take advantage of our Newark Airport parking shuttle and other free services. Make your Newark Airport valet parking reservation with Value Parking today!