Best Parking Near Newark Airport

Newark Airport Parking Made Easy

Value Parking is proud to offer the best parking near Newark Airport. We’re a family-owned and -operated business that’s located just minutes from EWR. Valet parking is available around the clock, including weekends and holidays, and our boutique parking location allows us to keep a close eye on your vehicle and ensure that it’s in the same great condition when you return.

Our Newark Airport Parking Shuttles

Another reason we offer the best parking near Newark Airport is that we include many additional perks in our flat parking fee. Perhaps the most notable is our shuttle service, which takes all the hassle out of getting to your terminal on time and eliminates the need to worry about delays and cancellations. Our shuttles are available around the clock, and they run when you need them to as opposed to running on a predetermined schedule. Each shuttle in our fleet is modern and clean and operated by a professional driver. A shuttle will be waiting for you to take you directly to your terminal, and when you return, just call us, and we’ll dispatch a shuttle right away to pick you up at whichever terminal you’ve arrived at.

Free Luggage Assistance

Free baggage assistance is included in the price of parking as well. When you arrive, a staff member will remove your luggage from your vehicle and prepare it to be loaded onto a shuttle. Once you’re ready to depart, your shuttle operator will load and secure your luggage. Your operator will then unload your luggage once you’ve arrived at your terminal, and you can expect a similar level of care on the return trip as well.

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Minutes Away from the Airport

Our proximity to EWR is an important aspect of offering the best parking near Newark Airport. It takes one of our shuttles just 5 minutes to get you to your terminal. Many other parking options in the area are further away, and that results in more wasted time and planning ahead for you.

We Operate Around the Clock

Not only are we open around the clock, but all of the services we offer are available to you 24/7. Our parking is suitable for all flight times, and if your flight time changes, we’ll be available to you then too. Our team can drop you off at the airport whenever you like, and we can pick you up whenever your return flight arrives. Need to stay at your destination a few more days for business or decide to extend your vacation? Not a problem. We have you covered.

Safe and Secure Parking Area

Our parking lot is accessible to you around the clock as well, and valets are always on hand. Delivering the best parking near Newark Airport also means giving our clients peace of mind, which we do through the security we provide. Our entire parking area is cordoned off with a modern and secure fencing system. A state-of-the-art surveillance system provides 100% coverage, is monitored at all times, and records as well. In addition, we have staff that patrols the parking area on a regular basis.

How Long Term Parking Near Newark Airport Works

Save Money With Our Value Parking Club

Our VP Club is free to join, and there are never any membership fees or hidden charges. As a member, you’ll get a discounted rate on the best parking near Newark Airport. Members also have access to a detailed profile and receipts. With each day of paid parking, you’ll also receive a VP Club point, and when you’ve saved up 10 points, you can turn them in for a free day of full-service parking.

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Free Cancellations

Another aspect of providing the best parking near Newark Airport is understanding that plans change, which is why we offer free cancellations. As long as you cancel at least 24 hours in advance, we’ll unreserve that spot right then and there, and you’ll be charged nothing at all.

EWR Parking You Can Trust on Rely On

When you travel out of EWR, choose the best parking near Newark Airport. Park with Value Parking. Nobody strikes the balance between convenience, perks, and low parking rates that we do. Reserve your spot today, and call us at 1-973-639-6911 or contact us online if you have any questions about our services.