parking near EWR Airport

Today, there are a variety of choices for parking near EWR Airport. However, at Value Parking, we can proudly say that our company is family owned and operated. If you’re unsure of where to park, consider these benefits of our local business:

Peace of Mind

No one likes leaving their car behind – especially when it’s at a place that isn’t home. At Value Parking, we can give you peace of mind. Whether you have a car, truck, van, or SUV, our family-owned business treats every vehicle like it’s our own. We’ll park it carefully and look after it while you’re away. We know the last thing we’d want to do is worry about our car; you shouldn’t either. Park with us and rest easy knowing yours is safe.

Local Support

Local businesses are a great way to boost the local economy. We provide jobs for residents, pay taxes that are used for local ventures, and more. Local businesses also tend to offer better customer service. We care for our customers in the Newark area and will go out of our way to make them happy. When you support Value Parking, you’ll be supporting a local parking business near EWR Airport that works to offer the best experience possible.

Customer Relationships

At Value Parking, we love building relationships with our customers. From the time you check in to the time you check out, you can be sure that each and every one of our staff members will be friendly and will treat you with respect. We hire the best people in the area and love to get to know our travelers. And as a reward to our loyal customers, we offer our Value Parking Club where you can earn free parking!


The best part of family-owned parking near EWR Airport is the fact that we’re near EWR Airport. When you park with Value, you’ll be just right down the road from the airport. That means once you check in at our location, you can simply hop on our shuttle and enjoy a short, comfortable ride to your terminal. When you return, hop back on our shuttle and you’ll be checking out before you know it. When it comes to convenience, Value Parking wants to make your experience as easy as possible. We even offer free luggage assistance!

Make a parking reservation with us today to find out what makes our family-owned business a favorite in the area.