Whether you’ve traveled for business or for pleasure, you’re probably familiar with the major airlines of the U.S. But if you haven’t been to too many countries abroad, you may not know which airline to choose for your next international adventure. Here, we list some of the best airlines outside the U.S.:

Qatar Airways

With exceptional service and attention to detail, Qatar Airways has been a favorite among travelers heading to and from the Middle Eastern country. The airline also boasts delectable meals, food on-demand, and state-of-the-art entertainment systems for each seat.

Singapore Airlines

For years, Singapore Airlines has been one of the top-rated airlines in the world, and for good reasons. Passengers can enjoy unbeatable suites, lots of leg room (including calf and foot rests), personal TVs, and hot towels before take-off – all alongside exceptional flight attendant service.


If in-flight entertainment is at the top of your flying list, Emirates is your airline. The Dubai-based airline has won Skytrax’s award for Best In-Flight Entertainment 12 years in a row. In addition, you’ll enjoy spacious seating, wifi, and food true to the destination you’re flying to.

Air New Zealand

The country’s main airline has received high marks in the past for its in-flight innovations that have put its economy and premium economy class at the top of the awards list. In addition, the airline is committed to the environment and has a renowned financial record.

Etihad Airways

As the second-largest airline in the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways offers its passengers free on-demand food, extra luggage allowance, spacious planes, a vast choice of in-flight entertainment, and an airline crew trained to cater to any and all needs.

Cathay Pacific Airways

Like many of the other airlines on this list, Hong Kong’s flagship carrier is known for its exceptional onboard service, but it’s also known for its great service on the ground. In addition, the food choices (both adult and kid’s) are excellent and flights are almost always on time.

Porter Airlines

You may not have heard of Porter, but the third-largest Canadian airline has a great reputation among fliers. While their main focus is customer service, they also offer free wi-fi, complimentary wine, a great airport, free newspapers, and smaller aircrafts.

Korean Air

With on-time flights, lots of seat legroom, and menus that feature Western, Chinese, Japanese, and quintessential Korean dishes, Korean Air has made the top list of international airlines many years in a row. Passengers can also enjoy USB ports and an actual bar onboard the A380s.


The Australian airline Qantas has been known to be one of the safest airlines in the world and offers exceptional customer service. In addition, it has also been regarded for its business class and its offerings of wi-fi, wide plane seats, and a variety of delectable in-flight meal options.