Washington D.C.

Well summer is finally winding down, but that doesn’t mean travel has to! There are loads of great places that make for a perfect September getaway, including:

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is always crowded during the summer with families and students on summer break. Head there after school starts in September, however, and you’ll be able to visit the monuments, museums, and landmarks without the long lines and swarms of visitors.

San Francisco

San Francisco’s best (and warmest) weather is in the fall, beginning in September. So if you’ve always wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge and ride a trolley up and down the crazy city hills, September is a great time to do it. You’ll love the temperatures that are consistently in the 70s and 80s.

The Caribbean

Many travelers tend to avoid the Caribbean during September, as it’s the height of their tropical storm season. However, the ones who do choose to go will enjoy super-low prices and very few crowds. In fact, parts of the Caribbean rarely get storms, so just do your research before you go and you’ll be set.


New England has some of the most beautiful fall scenery in the country, so check the Farmer’s Almanac for peak fall foliage dates and take a trip up to Boston. In addition to the scenery, you can enjoy fresh seafood, hockey and football games, and loads of historical sites, monuments, landmarks, and more.

Mexico City

If you’re tired of the unbearably hot summer temperatures, head south to Mexico City. In September, the average high is in the low 70s and the average low in the low 50s, making this place a great place to cool down. There’s plenty to do throughout the area and best of all, it’s pretty affordable.


This small mountain town in western North Carolina is perfect for those who love craft beer, live music, a friendly culture, a mountain view, and the arts. While the town itself is usually bustling, there’s also a relaxing feel to it, making it a great end-of-summer destination.

The Grand Canyon

While Arizona temperatures can reach scorching degrees in the summer, they cool down come September, making a trip to the Grand Canyon a must. Summer tourists will be tapering off and i’ll be cool enough to take a one-of-a-kind hike but still warm enough to camp comfortably.

New York City

The Big Apple is often packed during the prime summer months, but come September when everyone goes back to school, the city is much more manageable. Popular spots like Times Square and the Statue of Liberty won’t be as crowded (or you can skip the tourism altogether and head to the chic Upper West Side or the artsy East Village).

Have a favorite place to head to in September? Share it with us!