If you’re on a budget, booking a flight can be a stressful situation – especially when the price of a flight can change several times per day. But have you ever wondered exactly where that price comes from? Our Newark Airport parking members share eight things that influence the price you pay to travel from here to there:


On average, the further you fly, the more expensive your flight will be – especially if you’re traveling overseas. However, make sure you do your research because sometimes closer isn’t always cheaper – especially when it comes to domestic fares. For example, a flight from Newark to Boston may be more expensive than a flight from Newark to Orlando.

The Government

Unsurprisingly, governmental taxes and fees are part of every plane ticket. From fees like the September 11th Security Fee to the U.S. Excise Tax and the International Departure Tax, a good chunk of your flight price is due to the government.


Everyone knows that prices often depend on what competitors are offering for the same thing, and airlines are no different. Many airlines look at other airlines’ flight prices and adjust their own to be more appealing. The number of competitors also helps – the more airlines offering your flight, the better chance you have of it being a lower price.

Empty Seats

When a plane flies with empty seats, the airline loses money, so in order to fill up the plane, airlines often lower the price of the ticket near the date of departure. (While this still affects flight prices, it’s not as prominent of a factor as it used to be.)

Miscellaneous Fees

While not part of your initial airfare, you’ll likely pay extra miscellaneous fees to check your baggage, upgrade to a larger seat, purchase an in-flight beverage or food, and more. These fees can add on to the total you pay in order to fly from A to B.


When individual airlines try to raise the prices of their flights, they usually discover that travelers won’t pay for them. So, if an airline attempts to offer high-priced flights, other airlines will oppose it because they know that no one will be able to sell them. This keeps flight prices relatively low and relatively fair.

Oil Prices

No matter how you travel, your mode of transportation is going to need fuel, and planes are no different. So the higher the price of oil, the more you’ll pay in order to get to where you’re going.

When You Fly

Did you know that the time of year and the day you fly can influence your flight price? On average, flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays (in that order) tend to be the cheapest. And flights not on major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving will definitely be more affordable.