Really Think About What to Bring

No matter where you’ve traveled to, chances are you’ve overpacked your suitcase once or twice; you’ve probably tossed a variety of things in there thinking you’ll need them and end up never using them.

Overpacking is pretty common and once you do it one time, you’ll probably do it again. After all, it’s easy to come home after a fun vacation, unpack all of your things, put them away, and get back to your life without even realizing what you didn’t use.

If overpacking is a tendency of yours, our EWR Airport parking members have a great way to help stop this: a luggage audit.

The next time you come back from a vacation, unpack your suitcase slowly and think about each item that you brought. Did you use this item? Did you really need to bring this item? As you go, write down all of the things you never used. Whether it’s several pairs of socks, a pair of dress shoes, a jacket, or some jewelry, put it on your list.

When your next vacation comes along and you go to pack for it, refer to your luggage audit before you do; remembering what you brought last time and didn’t use may help you pack lighter this time.

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