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While there are many different hotels to choose from for your vacation, they’re all pretty similar – large buildings with lobbies, a bar, and dozens of rooms that basically all look the same. So for your next trip, why not book a stay at a hotel that’s truly an experience? Here, our EWR Airport parking company chose 10 of our favorite places for a unique stay:

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Where: Saariselkä, Finland

Why it’s unique: Rooms are glass igloos

If you love the idea of camping and being able to see the Northern Lights, check out this hotel. It’s located 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle and features fully heated igloos tucked into the snow that give you the perfect view of the dancing lights.

Giraffe Manor

Where: Nairobi, Kenya

Why it’s unique: Actual giraffe visitors

Who doesn’t want to make friends with giraffes during their next hotel stay? This stately hotel is built on 140 acres of indigenous forest where a herd of resident giraffes roam. The giraffes love to visit and may even poke their heads through the windows.

Fairy Chimney Inn

Where: Cappadocia, Turkey

Why it’s unique: Rooms are built into caves

Most of the rooms at this hotel are historic caves that are built into tufta rock cones. The rock used to be part of a 1500 year-old hidden Byzantine cave monastery and the rooms have been restored with modern amenities, but still have individual character.


Where: Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Why it’s unique: Everything is made of ice

For a truly unique experience, head to the Icehotel in Sweden. The entire hotel (including the beds, furniture, glassware, and more) is made from ice and is rebuilt each year for guests – just make sure you bring warm clothes, as temperatures are around 23 degrees.

Wizard Chambers at The Georgian House

Where: London, England

Why it’s unique: Harry Potter everything

If you’re a lover of Harry Potter, why not book a stay in a place that resembles Hogwarts? The Wizard Chambers in the 19th-century hotel are concealed behind a bookcase door and feature castle details like stained glass, trunks, cauldrons, four-poster beds, and more.

The Fuselage at the Hotel Costa Verde

Where: Quepos, Costa Rica

Why it’s unique: It’s a plane

Two of the suites in this hotel are actually located inside a vintage 1965 Boeing 727. Propped up on a 50-foot pedestal with beautiful views, the plane features hand-carved furnishings, Costa Rican teak paneling, and friendly rainforest neighbors like sloths, monkeys, and toucans.

No Man’s Fort

Where: Portsmouth, U.K.

Why it’s unique: It’s in the middle of the Solent Strait

Book one of the 23 suites at this hotel and you’re guaranteed a sea view. No Man’s Fort is a restored naval fortress that was once used as a line of defense on enemy attacks. Now, it’s a luxury hotel with a variety of amenities and only accessible by private boat.

Das Parkhotel

Where: Ottensheim, Austria

Why it’s unique: Rooms are made from drainage pipes

While it doesn’t sound very inviting, Das Parkhotel is actually surprisingly quaint. Each room is nestled into retrofitted sections of large drainage pipes (around 9 1/2 tons apiece) and encompasses a minimalistic approach to the traditional hotel stay.

The Underwater Room at the Manta Resort

Where: Pemba Island, Tanzania

Why it’s unique: It’s under water

There are three levels to this hotel and one of them is a floating glass cube that’s actually an underwater hotel room. Here, you can watch lots of fish and even some manta rays swim by. On the level above, you’ll find a hardwood wood deck that gives you beautiful views of the stars.

The Boot Bed’n’Breakfast

Where: Tasman, New Zealand

Why it’s unique: It’s shaped like a boot

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to live in a shoe, book a stay at The Boot. The quaint bed & breakfast is actually shaped like a giant boot, complete with curved walls and ceilings, and is designed for a two-person stay with all of the necessary amenities.

Which hotel would you want to stay at? Wherever you go, don’t forget to reserve your EWR Airport parking spot with Value Parking to start your trip off right. 

*Photo courtesy of thesafaricollection.com