quit your job to travel

Have you always wanted to quit your nine-to-five cubical job and instead, go on an exploration of the world instead? You and many others share this same dream and it may sound ideal, but is it really feasible?

The short answer is yes, it is. The long answer is it takes time, planning, saving, and the right kind of person in order to do so. While you may have heard a story about someone who simply woke up one day and decided to quit their job to travel, the majority of people who do so actually plan it out. Just remember…

Take all expenses into account.

While traveling on a low budget is definitely possible, it’s not exactly ideal, so when you’re planning out your trip, consider any and all expenses you may face. It’s also a good idea to consider how much you may need to get back on your feet once you return from your trip. If you can round up enough money to survive comfortably, then go ahead and quit your job.

There’ll be stress on the road, too.

While you may have left work stress behind you, you’re not completely off the hook of stress; traveling comes with its own set of troubles. Whether it’s canceled flights, booked hotels, food poisoning, car troubles, or language barriers, you’re bound to run into a few things that make traveling difficult. Just be prepared.

People will think you’re crazy.

Saying you’re going to quit your job and travel the world evokes envy from many people, but there are going to be some who think you’re nuts. They’ll likely bring up worst-case scenarios that could ruin your trip or make you second-guess your decision. If you’re determined to make the idea a reality, however, you can’t let them affect you.

You can make money by teaching English.

If your travel plans include non English-speaking countries, you can likely find a part-time job teaching English to children. The job usually comes with flexible hours and decent pay, so you can make a little extra spending money in your spare time.

Feeling lost is likely.

There’s a difference between vacationing and traveling and while vacation is for everyone, traveling isn’t. In order to dedicate your life to traveling, you need to be an independent, instinctual person who doesn’t mind not knowing the world around them. Traveling means minimal plans, lots of new experiences, and a decent amount of soul-searching. If you plan to quit your job and travel, just make sure you’ve got what it takes to do so.