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Summer vacations are something many people look forward to each year, but it can be tough to decide where to go. Here, our EWR Airport parking company shares some of our favorite places that are simply better to visit in the summer:

Stockholm, Sweden

When you think of Stockholm, you probably don’t think “islands,” but the city actually has 14 islands, giving you plenty of opportunity for boating, swimming, sailing, and more. Summertime brings temperatures in the low 70s and up to 18 hours of sunlight (whereas there are only six in the winter).

South Africa

If a safari is on your list of adventures, South Africa is the perfect place to plan one. When it’s summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s actually winter in the Southern Hemisphere, but temperatures will still be in the 60s. However, you’ll enjoy far fewer tourists and more animals at their watering holes.

London, England

London’s dreary winters make it a great place to be in the summer – the city bustles with festivals, markets, music concerts, carnivals, and other outdoor events. Plus, the warmer temperatures mean great weather for strolling the streets and viewing sights like Big Ben, the Tower of London, the London Eye, and more.


Just like in Stockholm, daylight is minimal during the Alaskan winter months and abundant in the summer. Plan your trip around the beauty of nature – head to Denali National Park, Kenai Fjords National Park, botanical gardens, wildlife centers, and more to take in stunning views you can only find in Alaska.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen’s Nyhavn harbor and canal is beautiful in the summertime and the warm temperatures make Tivoli Gardens (the second-oldest amusement park in the world) that much more fun. Also be sure to check out the lovely beaches along the Danish Riviera and the city’s many parks and gardens.


Iceland’s recent popularity spike make it a top choice for summer travelers. From geothermal spas to waterfall hikes to glaciers and more, there are plenty of things to do outdoors. Our EWR Airport parking company suggests heading to the country around Independence Day (June 17th) to enjoy even more festivities.

Oslo, Norway

For a taste of summer that’s cooler than other European cities, head to Oslo where daily highs are in the mid-60s. The city is filled with parks, museums, cafes, and opportunities for fishing, sailing, and island hopping. And with fun events like rooftop concerts, there’s something for everyone.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Summer is the high season for this Dutch capital – and for good reasons. The majority of the city’s over 300 yearly concerts occur during the summertime and many of the area’s eateries become great places for outdoor dining. Just don’t miss the bustling art scene or the plethora of music shows.

Is there somewhere you think is best in the summertime? Let our EWR Airport parking company know!