Planning a vacation can mean different things to different people and what many fail to realize is that personality can play a big role. Our Newark Airport parking company discovered a very interesting article by Verily Magazine that explains how to plan the perfect vacation based on your personality type:

“If you’ve ever been on a “dream vacation” that didn’t meet your expectations—perhaps it was boring or more stressful than satisfying—it may be because it didn’t match your personality preferences.

We know everyone has their own unique personality preferences thanks to research by the mother-daughter team of Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Briggs. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument test (MBTI) helps you determine your personality tendencies and in turn reap the benefits of understanding your preferences better.

Because travel tips don’t come one size fit all, read on to learn more about the best way for you to plan your idea of the trip of a lifetime. Tip: If you’ve got a travel buddy, share your MBTI with each other to learn how you can best compromise on your itinerary.

IS Types Should Stick to a Precise and Intentional Schedule

ISTJ: A spontaneous schedule will stress you out—an itinerary that has every day planned down to the hour will feel more satisfying. You love to immerse yourself in details so include a trip to the museum, galleries or historical sites to make your time away from home as productive as possible.

ISTP: You vacation best when you have plenty of alone time. Your idea of a dream vacation may be to have a staycation, but you don’t mind a little adventure—just as long as you’ve set aside ample time for a little R&R in solitude.

ISFJ: It’s important for you to have close friends or family with you because traveling together is a chance for you to get in some valuable one-on-one time. You want everyone to enjoy themselves. But you prefer order, so invite loved ones who can appreciate this about you.

ISFP: Others describe you as quiet, friendly, and sensitive. You like to enjoy the present moment and prefer to have your own space and do things in your own time. You don’t like conflict or disagreements. You would do well on a solo trip or traveling with someone who is either introverted like you and wants to do their own thing or is chill and happy to join in on whatever you’ve got planned.

IN Types Should Make It Memorable for Themselves

INFJ: You’re intensely committed to your values and ideals and find the most fulfillment in serving the common good. Capitalize on your vacation by allocating enough time to do just that. A trip where you can find deep meaning and connection will leave you feeling inspired, motivated, and refreshed for the projects you left behind at home. You may consider volunteer travel if you have the necessary skills to make a difference in others’ lives while transforming your own.

INTJ: You want a broad and thorough itinerary that covers all the bases. You also have high standards and expect the same of others. Download travel apps like TripIt or TripAdvisor where you can read descriptions and reviews to help you organize your must-dos.

INFP: As an introverted idealist, you love to romanticize beautiful moments and breathtaking views. Your idea of a dream vacation is retreating to a place where you can be at peace with a few close friends or a good book. Find a travel buddy who can appreciate these ten vacations in the U.S. that are a literary lover’s dream with you.

INTP: You favor solitude and serenity on vacation. You’d be perfectly content with hitting the road on your own, accompanied by all the audiobooks you’ve been meaning to read. You’ll like being able to check items off your bucket list efficiently and enjoying sites at your own pace. Try one of these classic American road trips and these hacks to make your next long drive more fun.

ES Types Should Plan a Reasonably Packed Itinerary

ESTP: You vacation best when you’re furthest from your comfort zone. You’re flexible and get bored so you look to take risks and seek constant stimulation. So go where the thrills lead you! Hike to one of the United States’ most captivating cascades, or plan a trip to one of these ten national parks you must definitely see in your lifetime.

ESFP: You are outgoing, friendly, accepting, and you desire material comforts. The more charming, glamorous, or picture-perfect a destination, the more energetic and cheerful you’ll be too. You can quickly adapt to new people and places, so think about picking one of these charming Airbnb retreats in the U.S. in a city you haven’t been yet.

ESTJ: Practical and realistic, you look to score the biggest and best vacation deals out there. Managing a successful trip on a budget is your greatest reward. Your willingness to plan thoroughly and logically mean you’re the perfect partner to plan a detailed and efficient itinerary. Research one of these dream destinations that are more affordable than you think.

ESFJ: You notice all the little details. You also focus on making sure everyone you’re vacationing with is happy. You appreciate a vacation where everyone collaborates, contributes, and follows-through on their tasks. Create a list of what needs to be done before and during the trip, and delegate accordingly. Start with this out-of-office checklist to ensure a stress-free vacation.

EN Types Should Dive into Authentic New Experiences

ENFP: Enthusiastic and imaginative, you crave authentic experiences. You revel in meeting new people and trying new things. Your spontaneity and flexibility mean an improvised itinerary suits you best, rather than a rigid timetable. Your confidence and verbal fluency make you a hit when you speak to the locals in their language, no matter how broken you might sound. So pick up a book of common phrases and give it a shot!

ENTP: You’re quick, resourceful, and get bored by routines so you vacation best when there are a variety of things to do and see. You are also socially savvy and good at reading others. An itinerary packed with opportunities to meet new people and make new friends will make you feel like you really made the most of your trip. If you’re single, who knows, you might even meet a great guy on the journey to your destination.

ENFJ: You’re warm, empathetic, and like to make sure everyone is having a good time. You’re highly attuned to others’ emotions and needs, so make sure to find out what your travel companions’ goals are in advance so you can plan an immersive and inclusive itinerary. As long as you plan on spending quality time with your people, you’re sure to enjoy whatever’s next on the program.

ENTJ: A decisive leader with exceptional organizational skills, you need every second of a vacation planned way in advance. Working out all the details and alternative options (in case, heaven forbid, something doesn’t go as planned) ahead of time alleviates the stress so you can enjoy taking in the trip. From creating a Pinterest board of your dream vacation to identifying your travel buddy, timing, and weather, read these realistic tips to make your travel dreams come true.

Before you shell out hundreds on a trip, make sure it suits your personality. A little leg work on the front end will make those glorious travel memories so much sweeter!”