At Value Parking, we love making New Year’s travel resolutions and we’re here to share some of our favorites with you:

Head to a new destination

One of the best things about starting a new year is the chance to head to a place you’ve never been before. Step outside the box and travel to a city or country you’ve always wanted to go to.

Plan a road trip

While flying is exciting, taking a road trip can be just as fun. Gather up some family members or friends and plan out a road trip to a nearby destination. (And don’t forget the tunes!)

Take more photos

We’re not talking about photos for Facebook or Snapchat, we’re talking about real photos. Bring along an old-fashioned camera (and by old-fashioned we mean something other than a phone) and get creative. You’ll be glad you did when you look back on your photos.

Make friends with the locals

While touristy attractions can be fun, sometimes the more local areas are even better. Make friends with the locals and find out about the best restaurants, bars, clubs, and more to get a more authentic experience.

Embrace another culture

Speaking of experience, step out of your comfort zone and embrace a culture shock. If you’ve only ever been to English-speaking countries, plan a trip to Italy or France and try to get around without speaking the language. Or if you’ve never been to the heart of Jamaica, submerge yourself in their friendly, hardworking culture.

Take a solo trip

If you’ve never taken a solo trip, make this year the year to do it. Solo travel can be very rewarding and you’ll actually learn more about yourself than you think.

Stop packing too much stuff

Do you overpack for every trip you take? You’re likely dragging around much more than you need to, so for your next trip, make things easier on yourself. Start a few weeks early and make a list of the things you need. Then, once you pack, eliminate the items you really won’t use or items that you can buy once you get to your destination.

Park with Value

No matter where you decide to go this year, make sure you make an EWR Airport parking reservation with us to make your trip go more smoothly.