Which Would You Choose?

Cruises are great – not only can you enjoy a great experience on the ship itself, but you can also embark on land adventures at each port. If a standard cruise isn’t quite your style, there are a variety of unique cruises that you can dive into. Some of the most interesting our Newark Airport parking company has found include:

Elvis Tribute Cruise

Love Elvis? What could be better than being at sea and surrounded by everything related to “the king”? On the Elvis Tribute Cruise by Carnival, 2,000 guests can cruise for four nights and enjoy a movie theater that plays Elvis movies, a contest for the best Elvis impersonator, and a Q&A session with more than 25 artists who have worked with him. In addition, there are five venues that recreate Elvis’s favorite places to perform.

Bare Necessities

Don’t like clothing? Then opt for a clothing-optional cruise from Bare Necessities. The two-week trip through the South Pacific hosts 170 people aboard a privately charted boat where they can choose to bare it all during yoga classes, scuba diving trips, beach lounging, and even private island excursions. The only time you’ll need to wear clothes is during meals (for hygienic reasons).

Dog Lover’s

What’s better than cruising around the Pacific Islands with people who love dogs as much as you? On the Dog Lover’s cruise by Radiance of the Seas, guests can enjoy dog-related seminars (like training techniques, canine behaviors, breeding, and more) as well as delicious food and relaxing activities. Unfortunately, the cruise is for humans only and dogs aren’t actually allowed on board.

Hogs on the High Seas

Motorcycle lovers rejoice! During the Hogs on the High Seas cruise, you and 2,000 other guests can enjoy a seven-day trip through the Mexican Riviera while relishing in the world of motorcycles. You’ll find both guests and staff members in leather vests and pants, a showroom of the latest bikes on the market, and accessories and contests from 25 different motorcycle vendors. In addition, you’ll find motorcycle-themed parties at several of the ports during the trip.

Great Balls of Yarn

If you’re an avid knitter, this cruise is for you. The eight-day trip by Norwegian Cruise Line brings together 100 knitting enthusiasts and five knitting experts, including Lily Chin, a knitting celebrity. Guests can enjoy cocktail parties and participate in workshops where they can learn how to create a variety of garments, from scarves to sweaters to gloves and more.

Star Trek Cruise

Trekkies can be found all over the world and if you’ve always wanted to meet a bunch of Star Trek enthusiasts and discuss the inner workings of the Star Trek world, hop aboard the Star Trek cruise by Entertainment Cruise Productions. Guests can enjoy themed shows, parties, events, and programs as well as appearances by George Takei and nearly 20 other iconic actors and personalities.