EWR Airport parking

Lately, airport security lines have become a problem in major airports across the country (including Newark Airport). Many travelers have been experiencing longer-than-normal wait times and some have even missed their flights because of the number of travelers passing through security. These latest apps, however, are aiming to make airport travel easier:


This app is community-based and relies on its users to help keep it updated (much like the driving app Waze). MiFlight users can search for their airport and find out how long the average wait time is to get through security. After they get to their gate, they can submit how long it took them to help keep the times up to date.


Instead of using real-time information, this app (which you can also use as a regular website) actually crunches numbers from historical data in order to give you an estimated wait time. By inputting where you’re going, what day, and what time, you can use this app to find the average wait time at museums, restaurants, national parks, and, most importantly, airports.


Fleet was crafted especially with frequent flyers in mind. It, like MiFlight, is a community-based app that relies on other travelers for updated information. Once you log in, you can get real-time updates about your trip including airport wait times, what restaurants and shops are near you in the airport, and how soon you need to be at your flight gate. It also allows you to share your flight information.


Developed by the TSA itself, this app gives you the latest weather and flight delay information for the airport you choose. It will also give you an estimated wait time for the security check and gives you a full list of the items you can and can’t bring on your flight.

Wherever you fly to, don’t forget to make your EWR Airport parking reservation with us. We give you an easier way to park that’s not only safe, but affordable and convenient.

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