Whether you’re afraid of flying, hate airports, or simply get stressed out when traveling, there’s now something that can help you at Newark Airport – dogs. The airport recently teamed up with Creature Comfort Pet Therapy in Morris Plains, NJ to offer therapy dogs to frazzled travelers.

Creature Comfort provides around 60-plus teams over three days and the dogs, technically called “pawfessional” therapy dogs, work about two hours per day. You can find them at the “Paw Station” in the airport’s Terminal C (the terminal used by United Airlines) and you can pet, play with, and spend time with the dogs to calm your nerves and take your mind off of traveling.

About Creature Comfort Pet Therapy

Creature Comfort Pet Therapy was incorporated in November 2011 as a non-profit organization with the goal of “providing a network of dependable, caring volunteers dedicated to sharing their pet’s love by visiting people in need of comfort or therapy.”

The company has certified more than 160 pet therapy teams and while most members are dogs, there are also two rabbits, a potbelly pig, a cat, and a mini horse.

These certified therapy members are perfect for:

  • Elderly individuals
  • Adults with mental illnesses
  • Military veterans
  • Children with physical or learning disabilities
  • Hospital patients

The next time you fly out of Newark Airport, don’t forget to stop by and get a dose of furry friendliness before you take off!