milan, italy

If you’ve had the urge to travel, why not make this year the year to do it? With the economy in a decent place and gas prices at a record low, maybe it’s time to kick back and give yourself a break. We scoured the Internet to find the top 8 places that people are packing their bags and traveling to this year. Check it out:

Milan, Italy

While many people will be visiting this Italian city to enjoy its Renaissance architecture (as shown above), abundance of art, and trendsetting fashion district, over 20 million people will be going to attend the Expo Milan 2015. This universal exposition takes place every few years in a different city. This year, it’s being held in Milan with the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” It will showcase more than 130 participants over three million square-feet.

Koyasan, Japan

If ancient religion sparks your interested, head to the sacred mountain of Koyasan. This year marks the 1,200th anniversary of the site that lies two hours south of Osaka. Here, you’ll find the heart of Japanese Buddhism and a unique history behind a monastic life. Koyasan is one of three sacred sites in the Kii mountains recognized by UNESCO World Heritage.

Abisko, Sweden

The Aurora Borealis (or “Northern Lights”) is truly a magical and captivating experience, and the best place to see them is in Abisko, Sweden. This city lies 124 miles north of the Arctic Circle and offer you the best chance of seeing the Aurora. You can even travel to the Aurora Skystation, a mountaintop observation center in Abisko National Park that will take you away from everything else and place you underneath crystal clear skies.

Mons, Belgium

The quaint city of Mons, which sits 35 miles south of Brussels, is known for its artists, charm, and of course, chocolate. This year, however, Mons will be known for something else – its massive year-long celebration to honor it being named the European Capital of Culture. More than two million people are expected to visit Mons and partake in over 300 events in theater, museum, art, dance, literature, and more.

Prince Edward County, Canada

This region right in between Toronto and Montreal sits right on Lake Ontario and is every wine-lover’s dream. Described by Travel & Leisure as a cross between Montauk, NY and California’s Napa Valley in 1970, Prince Edward County packs over 30 commercial wineries and 50 wine grape growers into the area, which all adds up to over 700 acres of vineyards. You’ll be able to stop in for tastings at many of them.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

For a taste of something different, hop on a plane to Abu Dhabi. The capital city about an hour and a half south of Dubai and is quickly becoming a hub of culture in the Middle East. You’ll find a 72,000 square-foot cultural center along with museums, markets, luxury shopping, a futuristic water park, the world’s fastest roller coaster, and more.

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

If a remote beach getaway is what you’re looking for, head to the southern tip of Myanmar where you’ll find 800 islands scattered off the coast. Once called the “Forbidden Islands,” these treasures were off-limits to foreigners until 1997. Even since then, not many people have ventured out to discover them, and they remain very remote. They’re also a wonderful spot for wildlife like lizards, sea eagles, sharks, and more.

Galway, Ireland

Travel from Dublin across the country of Ireland (a little over two hours) and you’ll find Galway sitting on the coast of the North Atlantic Ocean. Known as the heart of Ireland’s culture, Galway bustles with a constant music scene, literature, events, and festivals that celebrate everything from oysters to comedy to gardens and more. The city also has an array of museums and theaters and is the mid-way point of a 1,500 mile-long scenic drive known as the Wild Atlantic Way.

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