The wide world of cruising offers a truly unique way to vacation – not only can you enjoy the food, activities, and amenities on board the ship, but you’ll also get the opportunity to explore port destinations and what the locals have to offer. While the overall concept of the cruise hasn’t changed much, there are always new trends for cruise lines to try out. Here are some of the most recent:

Solo Cruises

While travelers have been going on cruises by themselves for years, they often had to book for two in order to get a decent room. Many cruise lines have realized the growth in solo travel and have begun offering discounts and special packages specifically for the solo cruiser. In addition, many have built staterooms for one and some have even created exclusive solo lounges.

Entertainment Options

Everyone knows that half the fun of a cruise is the entertainment and cruise lines have definitely stepped up their options over the years. Nowadays, you can find things like surf simulators, ice rinks, and sky diving as well as high-class singing & dancing shows and creative hands-on experiences (like cooking classes).

Green Emissions

Many businesses have been putting in the effort to reduce their emissions, and cruise lines are no different. With the International Maritime Organization cracking down on sulfur emissions for the past several years, more and more cruise lines have been exploring new ways to be environmentally friendly. This includes turning to clean-burning liquified natural gas for fuel, using exhaust scrubber technology to reduce pollution, and offering paperless options to passengers.

Outdoor Spaces

Beginning in 2009, Royal Caribbean started revamping its Oasis ships to feature more outdoor space and several other cruise lines (like Norwegian and Carnival) have caught on. Now, passengers can enjoy things like outdoor water parks, open-air spa treatments, outdoor fitness classes, and drinks & dining under an open sky.

Alaskan Cruises

While Alaskan cruises are nothing new, they’re gaining in popularity. Many travelers have realized that by staying in the U.S. instead of traveling abroad, they can save money on their vacation and still get a great experience. While there are a variety of cruise lines that specialize in Alaskan cruises, a limited cruise season (May to September) means that travelers are jumping on the opportunity to book their cruise as soon as possible, and we suggest you do the same.


Cruising has long been known as a great vacation opportunity for couples, but since family travel has become a trend, cruise lines have been catering to the idea of family cruises. Some companies like Royal Caribbean offer family staterooms and interconnecting staterooms while Norwegian has revamped their activity options to include kid-friendly interests that complement adult-centered interests to keep everyone happy.

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