Parking at EWR
The next time you book a flight out of Newark Airport, make a reservation with Value Parking. There are countless reasons we’re the best alternative to parking at EWR including top notch security, exceptional customer service and money saving discounts. Here are the top five reasons you should choose Value Parking for your Newark Airport parking accommodations.

Why Choose Value Over Parking at EWR?

EWR has High Rates

Put simply, parking at EWR is very expensive! Valet parking at Newark Airport can go cost you up to $39 per day. For that amount of money, you might as well be purchasing an extra airline ticket. At Value Parking we charge $18.95 per day for valet parking in our offsite Newark Airport parking facility. And customers who enroll in our VP Club only pay $15.95 per day and are eligible to earn free parking days. That’s a 75% discount! Instead of parking at EWR, stay with Value and save that money to spend on your vacation.

Newark Airport Offers Minimal Security

When you park your car at Newark Airport you are gambling on the security of your vehicle. Alternatively, the parking lot at Value is very secure, and we take great pride in protecting your vehicle while you’re away. Our facility is surrounded by secure fencing and is watched over 24/7 by a high-tech video surveillance system and our trained employees.

EWR Airport Doesn’t Offer a Reward Programs

Instead of parking at EWR and getting nothing more than an unsecured parking space for your money, reap extra benefits at Value Parking. Our frequent parker program, also known as the VP Club, rewards members for their loyalty. VP Club members earn one point for each paid day they park at our lot. Once you earn ten points, you’ll receive a free day of parking! Considering parking at our lot for 4 days is equal to 1 day of valet parking at Newark Airport, the savings opportunities are endless. Oh, and you will earn ten free points (or a free day of parking instantly) just for registering for the VP Club today!

EWR Offers No Car Care Services

Unlike at Value, EWR provides no car care services. We offer a full menu of vehicle services such as car washes, vehicle detailing packages and we can fill up your gas tank too.

EWR Doesn’t Provide Luggage Assistance

Lugging your suitcases through the parking lot doesn’t sound like a great way to start your vacation. That’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you choose to park at EWR. At Value Parking our courteous shuttle drivers will drop you off at your terminal and will unload your luggage for you. Free luggage assistance is provided to all of our valued customers.

Make a Reservation at Value Parking Today

Value Parking provides the best customer service, and is a much better choice for your wallet. We take care of you and your vehicle by providing services you won’t find at EWR, including car maintenance. Our VP Club always guarantees you receive the best rates, and we will make sure your vehicle is safe and secure while you enjoy your trip. Make your reservation with us today and get an exceptional service at an amazing price!

*Last updated May 2020. Rates and information are subject to change.