Affordable EWR Parking

If you’ve ever parked at Newark Airport, then you know how much of a headache it can be. Most frequent travelers agree that nearby off-site parking is the better approach, but not all affordable EWR parking providers are the same, and your experiences with them can vary dramatically. At Value Parking we offer convenient valet parking services just minutes from the airport.

Why You Should Avoid Parking at the Airport

You won’t find affordable EWR parking at the airport itself because there’s a premium for the “convenience.” But it really isn’t that convenient. Even if you reserve parking, it’s not as if you’re actually reserving a spot. You’ll have to navigate the parking lot and look for one, and that can take a great deal of time when the airport is busy, which it usually is. The chances of you parking near your terminal are slim, and this is why people miss their flights all the time. You have to haul all of your luggage from wherever you parked all the way to your terminal. There is also concern about your car. Security is minimal, and there are accidents, vandalism, thefts, and other incidents at the airport all the time.

Why You Should Park With Value Parking

The better choice is to park with us. We not only offer affordable EWR parking, but we’re open around the clock. Our parking area is fenced and features state-of-the-art security systems. You’ll never have to look for a spot with us, and we’ll handle your luggage for you at no additional charge. We also have clean and modern shuttles that run on your schedule, and once you’re ready, it’ll take just a couple of minutes for us to drop you off at your terminal. When you return, just text us or use our app, and we’ll have a shuttle at your terminal to pick you up and bring you back to your vehicle.

Be Sure to Check Out Our VP Club

Our VP Club is free to join and never has any fees associated with it. Membership will give you full access to our app. You’ll also get our members-exclusive price, and you’ll earn rewards points that you can trade in for free parking with all perks included!

Enjoy a Hassle-Free and Convenient Airport Experience

Value Parking prides itself on delivering a customer service experience that is second to none. We’re confident that once you park with us, you’ll never want to go anywhere else for affordable EWR parking. Book your spot today, or call 1-973-639-6911 with additional questions.