We know what you’re thinking: “Why would I bother parking at an off-site location when I can just park right at the airport?” Well, that’s what we’re here to clear up. At our Newark Airport parking company, we take pride in offering our customers value that you can’t get anywhere else. Here are some reasons why off-site parking is a great choice:

It’s Insured

When you park at Newark Airport, you won’t get the benefit of an insured parking lot – you leave your car at your own risk, which means you’re responsible for anything that happens to it. Whether it’s broken into, damaged, or stolen, the airport won’t take any responsibility for it.

It’s Hassle-Free

You may think that parking further from the airport is a pain, but with us, it’s hassle-free. After we park your car for you (yeah, you don’t even have to park!), we’ll load your luggage onto on of our easy-to-board, very comfortable shuttles and take you to the airport. We’ll even drop you off right at your terminal so you don’t have to haul your luggage across the parking lot.

It Means Supporting a Local Business

At Value Parking, we’re proud to say we’re a family-owned and family-operated business in Newark. We treat our customers with respect and take care of their cars as if they were our own. Many off-site parking facilities are local businesses, and local businesses always appreciate the support.

It’s Less Expensive

If you’ve ever spent more than half an hour in a Newark Airport parking lot, you know that it can be costly. We know the last thing you want on your vacation is to worry about how much money your car has racked up, so we put your mind at ease by offering a fair price for parking.

It’s Protected

Many off-site parking lots feature security that you won’t find at Newark Airport. At our boutique parking lot, you’ll find an advanced-level surveillance system, a strong and secure fence, and real people who patrol the lot to make sure nothing happens. When you leave your car with us, you can rest easy that it’ll be safe.