Avoid Newark International Airport Parking

Traveling is fun and exciting, but airport parking is not. Thanks to Value, you can avoid parking at Newark International Airport. By parking at our off-site facility, you’ll get to enjoy special perks like luggage assistance and rewards points. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid parking at Newark International Airport for your next trip.

Reasons to Choose Off-Site Parking at Value

Parking at Newark Airport is unsafe, expensive, and inconvenient. You can eliminate all of these hassles when you park your car at Value.

• Less Security Monitoring

When you park your car at Newark Airport, you are taking a chance because there is no 24/7 security monitoring in the parking garage. This leaves your car vulnerable to break-ins and vandalism. If you are prone to worrying, you may feel anxious about the well-being of your vehicle while you are trying to enjoy your trip.

• EWR Airport Parking is More Expensive

The main reason to avoid parking at Newark International Airport is the price. Parking at EWR can be incredibly expensive, especially if you are going to be away for a week or two. Hourly and daily rates can add up quickly, leaving you with an unpleasant parking ticket to pay when you return home from vacation. If you want to save money, you should avoid parking at Newark Airport.

• No Luggage Assistance

When you park at the airport, you will have to carry your bags all the way from the parking lot to the terminal. This can be exhausting and annoying. At Value, one of our friendly staff members will handle your luggage for you while you relax before your flight.

• Crowded Lots & No Guarantees

Taking time to find parking can make your busy travel schedule even more hectic. When you choose to park at the airport, you run the risk of missing your flight if you have trouble finding a spot.

Value Newark International Airport Parking

Enjoy a Better Experience at Value Parking

When you park at Value, you don’t have to deal with any of the hassles mentioned above. As a Value Parking client, you will get the best parking services in Newark. Here are just a few of the perks you’ll enjoy when you park your car at Value.

• Saving Money

Unlike the Newark Airport parking lot, Value offers rewards points for loyal customers. When you are a member of the VP Club, you will be able to earn points toward free parking. This is a great way to save money if you travel frequently.

Valet Parking

At Value, we include valet parking with every reservation. As soon as you arrive at our facility, we will find a safe spot for your car while you are on your way to the airport in our shuttle. This will save you time and make your travels less stressful.

• Secure, Reliable Parking

At Value, there is always a staff member monitoring our fenced-in parking lot. We also have security cameras positioned around the lot to deter unwanted activity. When you park in our secure lot, you can be certain your vehicle will be safe while you’re away. We are always open to accommodate all flight times.

Book Your Reservation at Value Today

When you book a parking reservation at Value, you don’t have to deal with the traffic, expenses, or insecure conditions that come with Newark Airport parking. If saving money, getting help with your luggage, and valet services will make your next trip more enjoyable, be sure to make your reservation at Value Parking today.