Reserve Newark International Airport Parking

A common question among travelers not used to parking at EWR is “Do I have to reserve parking for Newark Airport?”, and the answer is no. Drive-up parking is available, but there are some caveats.

Drive-Up Parking at Newark Airport

While drive-up or on-demand parking is available, reservations are recommended. A reservation will ensure that you get the lowest price for the parking you prefer. You lock in your rate with a reservation and avoid the risk of having to pay more for a spot due to limited availability. It’s also important to note that drive-up parking can be rather inconvenient. It’s best to get there early so that you have the necessary time to find a spot and then make your way to your terminal with your luggage.

The Downsides to EWR Parking in General

“Do I have to reserve parking for Newark Airport?”, may be the wrong question. If you’re new to EWR parking, then the better question is if you should park there at all. Be mindful that even with a reservation, you’re not guaranteeing much. It’s not as if you can reserve a specific space. Getting to the terminal will be inconvenient in either case, and you’ll have to worry about your vehicle. While EWR does have parking security, the scale of the parking is massive, and that team is understaffed and under-resourced. Accidents, vandalism, thefts, and many other incidents occur in the EWR parking lots on a daily basis.

What Is the Alternative to EWR Parking?

EWR off-site parking is the alternative. Be mindful that not all EWR off-site parking providers are the same, but if you choose a provider like Value Parking, you’re going to spend less and have a better experience overall while enjoying peace of mind.

Do You Have to Reserve Parking With Value Parking?

The next logical question then is “Do I have to reserve parking for Newark Airport?”, and the answer is no. We offer drive-up parking as well. Be mindful, however, that even though unlikely, you do run the risk of no spots being available. Therefore, we do recommend a reservation. It’s simple to do from your phone, and you don’t even have to pay in advance although you can do that as well.

Choose Value Parking for a Great EWR Parking Experience

Reserve your airport parking with Value Parking. We’ll keep your vehicle safe, give you a cheap rate, and provide many additional services at no additional cost, including on-demand shuttles that take you right to your terminal and pick you up too. You can reserve your spot today, or call us if you have any additional questions about do I have to reserve parking for Newark Airport.