EWR Airport Parking
When you are planning your trip, EWR Airport parking is often the last thing on your mind. Many travelers put off this important detail until the last minute and end up paying the expensive onsite EWR airport parking rates. Parking at Newark Airport is way too expensive, and despite the ridiculous amount of money you pay, you get the least bang for your buck. Instead of paying for zero customer service and minimal security at the airport, join the VP Club at Value Parking today and save serious money while getting the best service.

Earn Free EWR Airport Parking

Value Parking already offers rock bottom daily EWR airport parking rates, but joining the VP Club will guarantee you the lowest daily rates available exclusively for members. It’s free to join the VP Club and the benefits are outstanding. For every day you park with us you’ll earn a point. Once you have accumulated ten points, you’ll earn a free day of parking. For a limited time, we’ll award you ten points just for signing up. Enjoy a free day of parking on us!

Benefits of Staying with Value Parking

Aside from our affordable EWR airport parking rates, there are other great reasons to choose Value Parking. We designed our lot to keep your vehicle safe while you enjoy your trip. It’s surrounded by sturdy fencing and we monitor it around the clock with a high-tech video surveillance system.

We’re open 24 hours a day, so no matter what time your flight is we’ll be available. Unlike other Newark Airport parking services, we know that plans can change at the last minute. We do not penalize customers for cancelling their reservations. We provide valet parking so you don’t have to search for a parking space, and we also provide complimentary luggage handling. While you’re on vacation, we can also perform basic car care services including car detailing and filling up gas tanks. We take pride in providing a luxury service for an economical rate.

In addition to saving money on Newark Airport parking, you’ll have access to the amazing benefits we proudly award our loyal customers. Earn free parking from the start by joining the VP Club today! Don’t forget to make a reservation with Value Parking for your next vacation or business trip.