Newark Airport parking garage

Want to make your vacation or business trip even easier? Skip the idea of a Newark Airport parking garage and make a reservation with Value Parking instead. Here’s what we have to offer over EWR:

The Comfort of Security

When you think about a safe, secure place to park your car, a Newark Airport parking garage probably doesn’t come to mind. Parking garages may have a control arm or a barrier at the entrance/exit, but that’s often the extent of their security features. At Value Parking, we want travelers to feel comfortable leaving their car with us. That’s why we implement a variety of security features to give you peace of mind while you’re away:

  • A strong, sturdy fencing system that goes all the way around our parking lot
  • Dozens of large lights to keep the area brightly lit
  • A surveillance camera system to monitor our location at all times
  • Parking staff members on patrol 24/7 to keep a watchful eye

Parking Space Availability

Have you ever arrived at a parking garage and had to drive past dozens of cars, level by level, looking for a parking space? Not only is this tedious, it can also be frustrating if all of the parking spaces are filled. If you park at a Newark Airport parking garage, there’s no guarantee there will be a parking space available for you. When you make a reservation at Value Parking, however, we’ll be sure to save you a spot. You’ll never have to worry about arriving and not having somewhere to keep your car.

A Great Experience

Very rarely do you hear travelers talk about the great experience they had at a Newark Airport parking garage. At Value Parking, our goal is to start your trip off on a great note and end it the same way. That’s why we offer a variety of convenient benefits.

Valet Parking

First of all, our location features valet parking. This means you’ll never have to drive around our lot in order to park your car yourself. Simply hand us your keys when you check in and we’ll park it safely for you. When you return from your trip, we’ll have your car ready to go so you can head home quickly!

Timely Shuttles & Luggage Assistance

When you have to maneuver through airport traffic, find a parking spot, then drag your luggage across the lot to your terminal, it can put a damper on your trip. At Value Parking, we use timely, comfortable airport shuttles to get you to and from EWR. In addition, we offer complimentary luggage assistance. We’ll load your bags onto our shuttle and unload them when we drop you off at your terminal. When you return from your trip, we’ll give you the same great treatment.

Car Care Services

Is your car in need of maintenance? Our staff members have yet to see a Newark Airport parking garage with the ability to care for your car. At Value Parking, however, we offer convenient car care options that you can add onto your reservation. Book a car wash, detail, or gas fill-up and we’ll complete it while you’re away!

The next time you book a trip, make a reservation with Value. We’ll make your trip even better.