beach vacation

While most people don’t start planning their summer beach vacation until the spring (or even the summer, if they like to plan spontaneously), there are a few advantages to planning it in the winter. Besides the fact that most places let you cancel your reservation for free, you may be able to find discounts and have a better understanding of good prices.


Many resorts and hotels offer a discount (many times up to 25% off) to travelers who book their stay in February. Many places also offer exclusive discounts to people who have signed up for their email program. By signing up this early in the year, you can stay on top of all of the special offers and take advantage of the right one when it comes along.


Since you aren’t waiting until the last minute when you’re left with only a month of summer to book a beach trip, you’ll be able to score a better deal. Start looking now and you’ll be able to find a variety of prices. If you’re flexible, you could end up vacationing for much cheaper than you were planning. Look into an area’s “off season,” when prices tend to be lower. Also consider taking a trip during the week, when hotel prices are cheaper than they are on weekends.

Flight Prices

If your beach trip involves airfare, you can never scope it out too early. Since airfare changes at the drop of a hat, it’s a good idea to start pricing your trip in winter so that when it comes time to book your flight, you’ll know what a good price is. (Usually you can find the lowest price about 7 1/2 weeks from the departure date for domestic flights.)

Also if your trip involves flying, let us take care of your car while you’re gone! Our secure lot, video surveillance system, and attentive staff members will make sure nothing bad happens while you’re gone – and you’ll spend less money than you would if you tried parking at Newark Airport. We say use it for an extra night out or some souvenirs!