Newark Airport parking

Losing your luggage is one thing you simply don’t want to have to deal with during a vacation, however, sometimes it happens. If it does, it’s important to know what to do. Here, our Newark Airport parking experts share some tips:

Check for Abandoned Bags

Once all of the bags have gone around the baggage carousel and you’ve realized yours isn’t on it, check to see if there are any bags that were left behind. If not, make sure you check other baggage carousels as well. It’s possible that another traveler grabbed your bag thinking it was theirs and left their own behind. If you find their bag, you can contact them to see if they accidentally made the switch.

Speak to a Customer Service Rep

If you checked other carousels and didn’t find any bags left behind, head to the customer service desk for the airline you flew. Tell them your situation and fill out a missing luggage form. When you fill this out, make sure you describe in detail what your luggage looks like and what’s inside. The better you describe it, the easier it will be to locate. Also make sure you let the representative know where you’ll be staying so they can make arrangements to deliver your luggage to you.

Fill out a Written Claim

Each airline is different, but if your baggage loss was due to their error, you’re entitled to compensation. Make sure you fill out a written claim for damages (this form is different than the standard missing luggage form). Your airline will base your compensation on the value of belongings that were lost and should refund your checked baggage fee if you paid one. Be prepared, however – you may need to produce receipts to prove the value of your belongings.

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