When you’re on a trip and you land at your destination, you probably want to get to wherever you’re going as quickly as possible. This can be tough when you have to wait for your luggage to make its way down the baggage chute and onto the conveyor belt. If you want to get your luggage faster, our Newark Airport parking company has a few suggestions:

Mark It as Fragile

When you go to check your bags, ask the luggage rep to mark your luggage with a “fragile” sticker. Bags that are labeled fragile are usually loaded later and therefore come down the baggage chute first. They’re also less likely to be tossed around with the potential of being damaged.

Check In Last

When bags are loaded onto the bag carts, they’re often loaded front to back. This means if you check in last, your bags will likely be in the last cart. They’ll then be loaded last onto the plane and then will be the first to be unloaded from the plane and onto the baggage chute.

Gate-Check Your Bag

By the time you board your plane, all of the other checked bags have had time to make it to the cargo area. This means if you check your bag at the gate, it’ll likely be one of the last bags to be loaded and therefore, one of the first to be unloaded and placed on the baggage chute. It’s important to remember, however, that a gate-checked bag isn’t the same as a checked bag – because you’ll have to go through security with it first, you’ll have to pack it the way you would a carry-on.

Book First/Business Class

Both first and business class travelers get to enjoy premium luggage handling, which means your bags will be loaded onto the baggage chute first after you land.

Join a Frequent Flyer Club

If you’re part of an airline frequent flyer club, make sure your frequent flyer number is on your luggage tag. This lets the luggage rep know your bag should be handled with priority.

While being part of a frequent flyer club and booking a first/business class ticket are surefire ways to get your luggage faster, the first three ways are likely, but not guaranteed; on occasion, an airline may load their checked baggage differently.

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