carry-on essentials

At our EWR Airport parking company, we have a few little rules we like to share with our customers about flying. One of them is that you should always bring these seven things in your carry-on when you travel:

A jacket

While you do have your own little flow of air (meaning the adjustable nozzle above you) in case you get hot, there’s not much you can do if you get cold a the plane, so bring a jacket just in case.

Something to keep busy

No matter how long your flight is, you can only stare out the window or at the seat in front of you for so long. Bring something to keep you busy and make the time go faster: an MP3 player, a book, some puzzles, a magazine, a laptop or tablet, or even something crafty.


These days, not many airlines offer free snacks and if you’re not one to pay for them, skip the hassle and just bring your own. Pack some granola, beef jerky, cereal bars, veggies, popcorn, trail mix, or nuts and you won’t go hungry.

A water bottle

When we say water bottle, we mean a reusable water bottle that you can empty out and take through security. After security, you can fill it up at the nearest water fountain and take it on the plane with you so you don’t have to wait for the beverage cart to come around.

Extra clothing

If you checked baggage, make sure you bring an extra change of clothing with you in your carry-on. You never know if your baggage will be lost, delayed, or stolen and if that happens, you’ll want to have a fresh set of clothes on hand.


Stash a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and deodorant in your carry-on. Just like with your clothing, if your baggage goes missing, you’ll at least have some toiletries to keep you fresh. In addition, consider packing some lotion and chap stick; on long flights, the plane’s dry air can dehydrate your skin.

Valuable items

If you plan on checking your baggage, store your valuable items in your carry-on so you know where they are at all times. These items can include your wallet, car keys, jewelry, documents, etc.