family road trip

A family road trip can be a lot of fun, but if you have small children, it can also be a little exhausting. Once you’ve mapped out your route and packed up the car, prepare for an adventure with these eight tips from the members of the best Newark Airport parking company. We’ll help you make the journey a little smoother:

Bring lots of snacks.

You can never have too many snacks – especially when you’re traveling with kids. Pack some healthy options that you don’t mind them eating, like dried fruit, granola bars, jerky, cereal, nuts, and more. Not only will you be able to keep them fed, you’ll be able to keep them quiet, too.

Always know where the next rest stop is.

You never know when someone will have to go to the bathroom, so as you drive, keep an eye out for rest stops, gas stations, or fast food restaurants. Make a note of what’s at the next exit, in case someone decides to speak up.

Limit technology time.

While phones, tablets, hand-held gaming systems, and MP3 players are great, a road trip is about spending time together as a family. Encourage family interaction by limiting each person to a certain amount of play time

Scope out roadside attractions.

If your road trip is fairly long, you can bet the kids will get antsy from sitting for hours on end (heck, you may even get antsy). Break up the trip by stopping at a few roadside attractions where you can not only stretch your legs, but enjoy a little entertainment as well.

Prepare for messes.

Small children mean messes, so prepare for spills, smears, sticky fingers, and more. Pack a bag with hand wipes, hand sanitizer, window wipes, stain remover, paper towels, and bibs to help reduce the amount of food and drink that ends up on clothes and all over the car.

Provide entertainment.

Not to go against our tip of limiting technology time, but you’ll want to give your kids something to do every once in awhile. Whether it’s something technological, a family game, a sing-a-long, a coloring book, a magazine, or a craft, having something to pass the time can definitely help.

Pack an emergency kit.

You never know what may happen on the road, so make sure you pack a small emergency kit just in case. In addition, pack plenty of water, some blankets (if you’re traveling during a colder season), and some non-perishable food, just to be safe.

Drive during nap time.

If your children are still young enough for nap times, take advantage of it by planning your drive around the time they usually nap. You’ll get peace and quiet and can use the time to focus on your destination route.