travel fees

These days, more and more people are packing their bags and traveling somewhere exciting. While the Internet gives us plenty of ways to budget our trip, there are still some hidden travel fees you may not be aware of. Our Newark Airport parking company suggests reading the fine print on everything to avoid fees like:

Flight Reservation Changes

If you book a standard, economy-class flight, most airlines will give you 24 hours to cancel the reservation. If it’s after that, you could end up paying up to $750 to cancel or change your flight.

Lobby ATMs

Hotels know that if you’re staying there, you probably don’t know the area very well, and therefore don’t know where the nearest ATM is. To make things easier, many have ATMs in their lobby, however, you’ll probably pay more than usual (up to $5) for a transaction.

Frequent Flier Miles

Before you book a flight using your frequent flier miles, read over the policy. Some airlines may charge you extra for certain destinations and others may charge you to book your “free” flight in general.

Key Replacement

While hotels don’t usually charge you to replace your room key, rental car companies are a different story. If you lose the key to your rental car, some companies charge up to $300 to replace it.


Make sure you know what the baggage policy is for the airline you’re going to use. Some airlines give their customers a free checked bag or two, while others charge up to $50 per bag. You’ll also face a fee if your carry-on bag is too large or over the weight limit.


If you book a room at a budget hotel, you’ll most likely get free access to their wi-fi. If you decide to go more upscale, however, you may be charged the minute to use it. Wi-fi charges are also common on cruise ships, since it’s tough to get a good wi-fi signal at sea.

Hotel Parking

Before you book your hotel room, look into the parking situation (most websites state whether there is a lot, self-serve, or valet parking). If you’re staying in a major city, parking will be limited and you may have to pay a fee to park your car. This can up the total price of your stay.

Different Drop-Off

If you’re renting a car to drive from one state to another, you’ll likely face a hefty “alternate drop-off” or “different drop-off” fee. Most rental car companies offer decent rates when you stay within the area, but when you travel elsewhere, it can up the price significantly.


While minibars may look like they’re complimentary, they’re not. If you use the minibar in your hotel room, you’ll pay around $4-$6 for each item. To make things worse, some luxury hotels install sensors underneath each item that trigger when the item is removed. This means you’ll end up paying for whatever you pick up – even if you don’t drink it.

Currency Exchanges

If you’re traveling abroad and need to convert your money to a foreign currency, do it before you leave your home country. If you wait until you reach your destination, you’ll probably face a higher fee.