Some Things to Consider

While hotels are a great place to stay, they leave something intimate to be desired. If you’re looking for lodging that’s a little more cozy, consider staying at a bed & breakfast. You’ll find quaint rooms, friendly innkeepers, and an overall unique experience. Choosing a b&b can be a little intimidating, so here are some things to consider:

The Area

Before you choose your b&b, consider the area you’re traveling to and what your priorities are. Are you looking for a lively nightlife? Do you want to be away from the business of the city or town? Is the b&b easy to get to? Are there places to park? The more you know the area, the better chance you’ll have of choosing a b&b that meets your needs.

Being able to walk to your b&b can also come in very handy – not only will you save money on transportation, but it’s a nice convenience. If you’re traveling to a popular area, consider choosing a b&b that’s close by. This way, when you’re ready to go out or come home, you can simply walk there and not have to worry about finding a ride.

The Offerings

Just like hotels, different b&b’s have different amenities and because they’re often booked for romantic getaways, many locations are centered around couples. Some b&b’s are adult-only lodgings while others cater to children, so it’s important to look into the policies of the location before you book. In addition, deposits, cancellation fees, and general fees can vary from location to location and can be different from hotels, so make sure you understand exactly what you’re paying for before you do so.

One of the main things to consider when choosing a bed & breakfast is the breakfast – after all, that’s one of the most appealing amenities. Breakfast offerings can vary drastically, from scones and pastries to full buffets. In addition, some b&b’s host a cocktail hour or a happy hour, so before you book, determine what you’d like in a b&b.

House Rules & Credibility

Many b&b’s are run by couples or families and each have their own rules for their guests. Some will give you a key and let you come and go as you please and others will require you to be back in the establishment before they lock up. Ask about the house rules before you book so you know what to expect.

When it comes to credibility, it’s important to do some research to make sure the b&b you’re looking at is certified by a government agency, part of a local association, or has some sort of accreditation. You don’t want to simply be staying in someone’s home that they claim is a bed & breakfast.

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