There May Be Hope

If you’ve ever had to change your travel plans after you’ve already paid for airfare, hotel fare, a rental car, or another element of your trip, you know it can be frustrating. While some situations are “lost causes” and there’s not much you can do, there are many times where you can get your money back. Here, our EWR Airport parking company shares some tips for doing so:

Know Before You Go

Before you head out on your trip, find out what the policies are of the airline you’re traveling with, the hotel you’re staying at, and the rental car company you’re using. Knowing what is and isn’t acceptable can help you from making a mistake during your travels and can also help you understand when you can and can’t get your money back. If your plans do change, do some research to find out what a reasonable refund is (rightful refund amounts often vary by country).

Be Polite

We understand – changing plans can be stressful and whenever you contact your airline, hotel, or rental car company, you’re likely going to be in a bad mood. Before you call, take a few deep breaths and calm down. Being polite when asking about a refund can mean the difference between getting it and not getting it – especially since most customer service representatives deal with short-tempered people on a regular basis.

Remember to Negotiate

When you know what you want, be upfront about it. Whether you’re looking for a full refund, partial refund, replacements, or another means of compensation, let the company know what you believe is fair. If they don’t meet your demands, you can always hang up and try again. And if they do meet your demands, remember that you’re negotiating – so don’t just settle for the first number they give you if it’s not one that you think is fair.

Consider Travel Insurance

If you’re taking a major trip, it may be wise to consider investing in travel insurance. This way, if your plans do change, you’ll be covered in some way. There are a variety of travel insurance agencies out there and each offers something different, so do your research before you choose one.