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We know what you’re thinking – “Isn’t every vacation a happy one? It’s a vacation!” While vacations usually raise spirits, there are some that don’t go as well as you may have liked, and no one likes a disappointing getaway. At our EWR Airport parking company, we have a few suggestions for you to try that can help guarantee your vacation will be a happy one:


Research shows that experiences make people happy more than material goods, so do yourself a favor and soak in the experiences. Try horseback riding on the beach, swimming with dolphins, or even just a completely new food. You’ll make some great memories that you can relive for years to come.


According to Dr. Elizabeth Dunn, a happiness researcher at the University of British Columbia, the first few days of your vacation leave the biggest impression. If you make those days your happiest days, the rest of your trip will tend to go well and you’ll have fond memories of the vacation. If you’ve put some events on your vacation calendar, do the ones that will make you happiest first.


While the main part of your vacation may be across the country or on a tropical island, there’s still the process of getting there, and if something goes wrong, it can set a bad tone for the entire trip. Make sure that when booking your flight, you book with an airline you trust. At our EWR Airport parking company, we suggest skipping the budget airlines, as they tend to charge hidden fees and are known for delays.

Give and Take

Whether you’re going on vacation with your significant other, with friends, or with family, remember that you and your travel partners may have different interests and want to do different things. When planning your trip out, make sure you consider what they’d like to do and come to an agreement that pleases everyone.


Do a bit of research about your destination – especially if it’s one you haven’t been to yet. If you’re traveling to a foreign country, it’s better to know what awaits you than to arrive and be culture-shocked. Plus, by researching, you can find out the best things to do, best places to eat, and best way to experience the area.


Nothing documents a vacation like photos, and capturing as many moments as possible is a great way to remind yourself of the fun and happy memories you made. Just make sure you bring along extra batteries and a memory card that can fit all of your adventures.

And don’t forget – park with us! You’ll enjoy your vacation without worrying about whether your car is in good hands at an EWR Airport parking lot.