Don’t Get Caught by Surprise

A little while ago, our Newark Airport parking company wrote a blog titled “A Few Pesky Hidden Travel Fees” and shared some of the most common costs that travelers encounter without expecting them. Here, we decided to share a few more so that you can be better prepared for your next trip:

Airline Seats

That’s right – some airlines actually charge you to pick your own seat. These mainly include budget airlines like Spirit and Frontier, but it’s always a good idea to check the cost before you choose your seat.

Underage Drivers

If you’re renting a car and you have a friend or family member under 25 who is going to be driving it, you could get hit with an underage driver fee from the rental company.

Hotel Taxes

When you book your hotel room, your total may not include things like state tax or occupancy tax, however, these are usually hidden in the fine print, so check to see the tax rates before you book to make sure you know the total price of your room.

Mobile Roaming

If your next vacation is to somewhere outside of the U.S., check your cell phone policy to see what kind of coverage you have. This way, you can avoid roaming fees and extra usage charges.

Luggage Storage

Many hotels will store your luggage for free before you check in or after you check out, but some charge you a storage fee. Before you turn your luggage over, ask to make sure.

Exit Fees

Who ever thought that to leave a country, you’d have to pay money? Some countries charge travelers “exit” fees when they depart to another country (this may even be the case if you have a layover and haven’t actually stayed there).


If you’ve never been on a cruise before, keep in mind that the majority of cruise lines charge passengers an extra fee to partake in excursions like hikes, zip lining, winery tours, and more. Check the excursion list for prices before you book.


Most people know that a passport costs money, but some don’t know that renewing a passport also costs money. Whether you’re getting your first one or renewing your old one, expect to pay around $100.

Airport Transportation

You booked your flight and you booked your hotel, but you probably didn’t think about how you were going to get between the airport and your hotel. To save yourself the surprise of transport costs, do some research before you leave to find the cheapest option.