business travel

If you’re in charge of business travel for your company, you know that expenses can add up quickly. At Value Parking, we work hard to make Newark Airport parking affordable – especially for businesses and corporate travelers. Here are a few ways to cut down on your business travel costs:

Avoid Add-On Fees

Before you go ahead and book your flight or hotel, make sure you understand the price breakdown. Many flights charge fees for food, drinks and in-flight wi-fi while others (mainly those on budget airlines) charge fees for carry-on bags and even for seats. When it comes to hotels, make sure you know the policy for wi-fi use, in-room snacks and drinks, alcohol, and more. Knowing potential add-on fees can help you avoid them and save some money.

Book in Advance

Sometimes last-minute business travel can’t be avoided, but if you can, try to plan your trips in advance. The closer you book a flight to its departure date, the more you’ll likely pay. Studies show that for domestic flights, the cheapest flight prices come around 55 days before departure. For international flights, it’s around 170 days. If last-minute travel is unavoidable, make sure you weigh all of your options to get the best prices.

Travel at the Right Time

The most popular time of year for corporate travelers is summertime, so if you know you’re going to have to schedule a meeting in the future, try to make it during the off-season. Also try to avoid peak travel times like spring break, Christmas, and Thanksgiving.

Join Rewards Programs

The more you travel, the more chances you’ll have to save money by joining a rewards program. Look into joining an airline rewards program if you tend to use the same airline for travel; the more you fly, the more miles you’ll earn to use in future travel. Also consider investing in a hotel chain credit card to earn free nights and other perks.

Consider a Travel Agent

These days, travelers tend to book their own trips and weigh their own options when it comes to flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. While travel agents may not be as popular as they used to be, don’t book a trip without considering using a travel agent first. Agents have connections and can sometimes score you deals that you simply wouldn’t be able to get as a regular traveler.

Use Value Parking

Newark Airport parking can be expensive and lengthy business trips can mean high end parking costs. By parking with Value Parking, you’ll be able to travel to and from the airport easily without overpaying to park there. Our valet parking is perfect for those who need to save travel time and travel costs.