Just Because You’re Away Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Work Out

Whether you’re going on a business trip or taking a vacation, it’s easy to forgo your workout routine and simply indulge in too much food, alcohol, or simply too much relaxation. Don’t let your trip get the best of you – here are some easy tips from our EWR Airport parking members for staying in shape:

Check Local Gyms

Many gyms let potential members go through a trial period before they commit to a membership, so do a little research on the gyms nearby. You may be able to score a free weeklong pass so you have access to a great gym while you’re on your trip.

Don’t Stress on Time

When you’re back home, you likely have a familiar workout schedule and the right amount of time for it. While traveling, time can turn from being on your side to not being on your side; whether your plane is delayed, your meeting has been moved, or you had to spend time answering emails. Don’t stress about not having lots of time for your workout – instead, use whatever time you have. You’ll be glad you got a workout in, even if it was a short one.

Pack Your Running Shoes

Running may not be your thing, but if you’re limited on workout options, it can be a great thing to turn to in order to switch up your routine. If you’re traveling to an area that has some fun running trails (whether it’s along a beach or through a state park), take advantage of it and pack your running shoes.

Book the Right Hotel

These days, many hotels have fitness centers inside that guests can access with their room keys. While many times these fitness centers are basic and have minimal equipment, they’re still a great resource for keeping up with your gym routine while on the go.

Pack Lightweight Equipment

Though you can’t take weights or fitness machines with you on a trip, there are other pieces of lightweight equipment that you can take. For instance, try a set of suspension trainers or resistance bands. You can attach these things to anchor points like lamp posts, trees, and more and use them to enhance a workout based on body weight. On another hand, if you’re a yoga lover, you can easily find travel-friendly yoga mats.

Rent a Bike

If you’re in a bicycle-friendly town or city, don’t hesitate to rent a bike and use it as your main mode of transportation. You’ll not only save money on taxis and public transportation, but you’ll also get a workout everywhere you go!



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