At our EWR Airport parking company, we love traveling and often get swept away by the excitement of a new adventure. You may do the same on your next trip, so we want to remind you to be safe when doing so. There are some great precautions you can take to not only travel safe, but travel happy:

Keep track of your things

Since you’re out and about in another city or country, you’re probably carrying more with you than you normally would at home. This means that you’re more likely to leave something somewhere – whether it be your jacket on a train, your wallet at a cafe, or your phone on a bench. Pay attention to what you bring out with you and always double-check the area you’re in before you leave.

Divvy up your money sources

No matter where your next trip is planned for, make sure you bring more than one source of money. (For example: cash and credit cards.) That way, if something should happen and you’re left without cash or without credit cards, you can always resort to your other source. This means you should also divvy up the places you keep your money, in case one place is compromised.

Email photocopies

It never hurts to keep copies of things, so our EWR Airport parking members suggest photocopying important documents, itineraries, files, etc. and emailing them to yourself. This way, if you lose something (say, your passport or a credit card), you’ll be able to access their photocopies electronically, from anywhere that has a computer. It’s also helpful to copy documents like your hotel reservation confirmation, your itinerary, and your airline tickets.

Trust your instincts

If you’re traveling to an unfamiliar place, you may not be completely familiar with the culture. While some things may be odd but normal, never do something if you don’t trust your instincts. For example, if you get into a taxi and don’t see a proper license displayed, it’s OK to get out of the car. You’re better safe than sorry.

Keep someone informed

If you have a busy travel schedule, let someone you trust know what your plans are. This is especially true if you’re traveling alone. If something bad happens and no one knows your whereabouts, it could make the situation much worse, so email a copy of your itinerary to a friend or family member before you leave.

Beware of public wi-fi

Public wi-fi is great – especially if you’re out and about and need to do some research or check where the nearest bus station is. But keep in mind that public wi-fi means your actions on the internet can be seen by others. Therefore, make sure you don’t give out any addresses, credit card information, or cell phone numbers while you’re connected to wi-fi. Also make sure that if you logged into a website on a public computer, you log out of it before you leave.