Make the Most of Your Adventure

The 4th of July is coming up and according to AAA, more than 44 million people will be hitting the roads for the holiday. Whether you’re planning a road trip for the weekend or one in the future, here are some tips to follow from our Newark Airport parking company:

Fill Your Tires

Many people forget about tire pressure, but it’s important – not only for your car but for your safety. Tires that are under-inflated or over-inflated can be a danger and can reduce your gas efficiency so before you leave, check your tires to make sure they’re filled to the right PSI. (You can usually find a “max PSI” on the tire itself and a PSI recommendation in your owner’s manual.) Make sure you check your tire pressure on your way home as well.

Plan Your Course

Knowing where you’re going before you go makes things a lot easier – especially if you’re traveling for a holiday. Check your map and plan out the route that’s best for your trip, whether it be the fastest, the one that avoids tolls, or the most direct. Be sure to plan an alternate route as well in case you run into a detour or a traffic issue.

Top off Your Fluids

You’ll want to make sure all of your car’s fluids are filled before you leave. This goes for the power steering fluid, washer fluid, coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. In addition, make sure that your oil is in good shape and that your headlights, high beams, fog lights, brake lights, and turn signals are all in working order.

Stay Awake

Long road trips can be tiring – especially if there’s only one or two of you driving. Driving while tired can be incredibly dangerous, so make sure you get enough sleep each night to stay awake. In addition, stay hydrated and choose nutritional foods that will keep you alert. Stay away from junk foods that can slow you down and try not to rely too much on caffeine. If you do feel tired, pull over and take a short nap.

Pay Less for Gas

Nothing ruins a trip more than high gas prices and the highest are usually found right off of a main route or highway. To avoid paying top dollar, fill up in smaller towns or drive a little further to get your gas. You can also use a website like or an app like Gas Guru to check prices near you before you fill up.