Q: How often do your shuttles run?

A: Our shuttles are “on-demand,” which means there will be a shuttle for you when you come to our off-site Newark Airport parking facility. Our drivers will load your luggage onto the shuttle and (after you get your claim check and direction for shuttle pick-up) take you to your terminal. When you return from your trip, just call or text us and a shuttle will come pick you up.

Q: How do I get back to the parking lot to get my car?

A: When you get your claim check, you’ll also get an instruction card for shuttle pick-up. When you arrive back at the airport (and after you get your bags), call or text us with your claim check number and meet us at the specific location on your directions. Our shuttle will bring you back to your car, which will be sitting in front of the office, ready to go.

Q: How far are you from Newark Airport?

A: Our Newark Airport parking company is approximately 1.3 miles away. You’ll enjoy about a four-minute shuttle ride.

Q: Where do you drop us off at Newark Airport?

A: We’ll drop you off at whichever Terminal (A, B, or C) you’re departing from.

Q: What time is Value Parking open until?

A: We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: On the day I’m leaving, what time should I arrive at Value Parking?

A: The airlines recommend that you get to the airport two hours before your flight, so we recommend arriving at Value Parking 15 minutes before that time.

Q: How does your “valet” Newark Airport parking services work?

A: When you arrive at Value Parking, our friendly drivers will load your baggage onto the shuttle for you. You’ll then proceed into our office for a claim check and directions for your shuttle pick-up. We’ll park your car for you while you take the shuttle to the airport. On your return to Newark Airport, call or text us with your claim check number (after getting your bags) and let us know what terminal you’d like to be picked up at. After about a four-minute shuttle ride back to Value Parking, you’ll find your car sitting in front of the office, ready to go.