EWR Long Term Parking Has Never Been Easier

Our long term parking facility near Newark Airport offers valet parking services couldn’t be any easier for our customers. Just follow these simple steps below and you’ll enjoy the best experience to and from the airport.

Best Cheap Newark Airport Parking


We make Newark Airport valet parking simple.

Step 1: Make a reservation online, over the phone, or pay at the lot.

Step 2: Pull your car up to the designated area under our covered lit canopy and our valet will assist you with your bags.

Step 3: Enter our office to pick up your claim check and get directions on how to pick up your vehicle once you return.

Step 4: Board the on-demand shuttle, which will take you to the airport.


Back at Newark Airport? We will pick you up in 5 to 7 minutes.

Step 1: Call for one of our shuttles to pick you up:

  1. After you claim your bags and are ready for pick-up, call or text us. Make sure you have your claim check # and know whether you’re in Terminal A, B, or C.
  2. If in Terminal A: Go down to Level 1 and go out to the doors. Walk to the curb and proceed to the far right. Stand between signs #7 & #8.
  3. If in Terminal B: Go down to Level 1 and walk out the doors. Cross the street to the 2nd island, and stand under sign #5.
  4. If in Terminal C: Go down to Level 1 and walk out the doors. Cross the street onto the island and proceed to the far left. Stand under pole #1.

Step 2: When the shuttle arrives, board it and we’ll take you back to our location.

Step 3: Your car will be waiting in front of our office.

Our long term parking location near Newark Airport makes valet parking easy! Find out why our customers say that we are the best at what we do.