Best Safe EWR Parking

EWR Airport Parking You Can Trust

When you have to leave your car somewhere for days at a time, we know safety is one of your top priorities. The last thing you want to do is come back from a business trip or vacation to discover that your car has been broken into, damaged, or even stolen. At Value Parking, pride ourselves on offering the best available EWR valet parking services. This is why we work hard to secure our parking lot and make our customers feel comfortable leaving their vehicle with us.


What’s a safe parking lot without a fence around it? We’ve made sure that our fencing system spans the entire perimeter of our parking lot and that it’s made from strong materials to keep others out.


If anything goes wrong in our parking lot, we like to know about it first-hand. That’s why we’ve installed a security camera system throughout the location – so we can monitor what goes on at all times and have documentation of it.


With bright, strategically placed lighting fixtures, we can make sure our entire property is well-lit for both safety and peace of mind.


We take good care of our customers, and that means that each and every one of our staff members will treat your car like their own. They keep an eye out at all times for any suspicious activity and act as a second surveillance system for our lot.

Offering the Best EWR Parking

If you’ve ever heard horror stories from other EWR Airport valet parking locations, don’t worry! We’re here to make sure your car is in good hands while you’re gone. Make a reservation with Value Parking today.