Family Parking Near EWR Newark Airport

15 Tips You Need to Know Prior to Booking Your Newark Airport Parking

Family vacations can be a lot of fun, but when you plan on traveling with kids, the thought could make you a little anxious. When considering a valet parking location near EWR Newark airport, we know exactly what you’re thinking about. We have gathered 15 of our best tips to make traveling with kids easier:

  1. Bring plenty of entertainment.
    Kids get bored easily, so be sure to bring as many forms of entertainment as you can for both the wait at the airport and the plane ride. We suggest coloring books, toys, hand-held game consoles, audio books, and stickers.
  2. Don’t forget “cleaning” supplies.
    Whether they’re eating, playing, or even sleeping, children tend to make messes. Be sure to pack plenty of wet wipes, hand sanitizer, napkins, and stain remover so you’re prepared for anything that happens.
  3. Check your airline’s stroller policy.
    Many airlines will let you check your child’s stroller at the gate and will have it waiting for you when you land. If you don’t feel like carrying your child around the airport, this can be a lifesaver.
  4. Give yourself extra time.
    When it comes to kids, the members of our EWR Newark Airport parking company are well aware that you never know what’s going to happen, so give your family some extra travel time just in case.
  5. Encourage naps.
    While you’re on the plane, encourage “family nap time.” Bring along some travel pillows and blankets to make the cabin as comfortable as possible.
  6. Use public transportation.
    Many children are fascinated by trains and subway systems, so while you’re on vacation, take advantage of public transportation. You’ll not only save some money, you’ll also provide some entertainment.
  7. Pack snacks.
    Everyone knows that a hungry kid can be an unpleasant kid, so pack lots of snacks for the airport, the flight, and the vacation. Stick to healthy options like dried fruit, cereal, granola bars, veggies, rice cakes, etc.
  8. Plan for souvenirs.
    If your kids are old enough to want souvenirs on their vacation, pack a collapsible duffle bag in your suitcase and fill it with your trinkets at the end of the trip. If you can’t fit it back in your suitcase, you can always use it as a carry-on or a check piece of luggage.
  9. Create an airport scavenger hunt.
    Scavenger hunts are a great way to keep your kids occupied while you wait to board your plane. Create a hunt that includes things like: a red suitcase; a person speaking another language; a girl wearing yellow; a cup of coffee, etc.
  10. Separate outfits in plastic bags.
    When packing your child’s suitcase, place each day’s outfit in its own plastic bag, then places all of the plastic bags in the suitcase. You won’t have to rummage around for matching items each morning.
  11. Explain the security process.
    Before you go through security, explain to your child what exactly will happen so that they’re not afraid when it’s their turn to walk through. Some of our EWR valet parking customers have told us some pretty rough stories.
  12. Bring extra clothing in your carry-on.
    You never know what will happen, so pack an extra outfit for each of your kids in your carry-on.
  13. Tire the kids out at the airport.
    While you wait to board your plane, let you kids run around, play games, and burn off energy. This way, once you’re on the plane, they’ll be more likely to nap.
  14. Get creative with diaper packing.
    If your child is small and still going through a lot of diapers, create some extra room in your carry-on bag by packing diapers in other places. Use them as an extra layer of laptop padding or as extra protection for your camera or video camera.
  15. Be patient.
    Above all things, remember to be patient. Things may not always go your way, so take them with a grain of salt and make the rest of the trip a great one.

Parking Near EWR Newark Airport

At Value Parking, we know how important safety is for your family. If you are looking for valet parking near EWR Newark Airport, make a reservation with us today.