When you take a vacation, there are many expenses involved – from your flight to your hotel to your rental car and more. At Value Parking, we know that airport parking isn’t an expense you look forward to and when you park at Newark Airport, the expenses can add up. If you’re looking for cheap Newark Airport parking, turn to Value Parking.

Cheap Newark Airport Parking Rates

Why You Should Choose Value Parking

There are many reasons to choose Value Parking for cheap Newark Airport parking that go beyond our impressive pricing. We are committed to providing each and every client with a great experience, and we have a professional and friendly customer service team that will go above and beyond to deliver. You’ll also enjoy a multitude of additional benefits that you won’t get from our competitors despite their higher prices, such as free cancellations and shuttles that run on your schedule around the clock.

24/7 Access, 365 Days a Year

No matter when you fly out of EWR, we’ll be here to provide you with cheap Newark Airport parking. Our customers have access to our parking lot at all times of day and night, and our staff is here year-round, including weekends and holidays. Flights depart and arrive at Newark Airport at all hours, and it’s important that we run on that schedule too in order to meet the needs of our clients. Has the flight time changed? You’ll never have to worry about it again because we’ll be here ready when you are and are happy to update your reservation as needed.

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The Better Cheap Newark Airport Parking

EWR offers economy parking and even entices travelers with promo codes and other offers, but we’re confident that we’re still your best option for cheap Newark Airport parking not only because of our rates but everything else that we include. With Value Parking, you get peace of mind, and that’s not something you’re guaranteed at the airport where incidents of vehicle damage, vandalism, and theft occur on a daily basis. Here at Value Parking, on the other hand, those incidents never occur.

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We Offer Free Cancellations

Plans change and are often outside your control, but when you choose Value Parking for cheap Newark Airport parking, you’re never going to have to worry about a flight getting canceled or a business meeting being moved. Contact us at least 24 hours in advance of your reservation beginning, and we can either cancel the reservation outright or move it to the new date and time that you require.

Super Safe and Secure Parking

When you choose Value Parking for cheap Newark Airport parking, your vehicle is maintained in an area that is completely fenced in with a modern fencing system. No one has access beyond the gates except our staff and our customers. We also have a state-of-the-art surveillance system that covers the entire parking area and which is monitored and recorded at all times. Finally, we also have staff that patrols the area on foot on a regular basis in order to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Safe EWR Parking

Free Luggage Assistance

Value Parking also includes luggage assistance with our cheap Newark Airport parking at no additional charge. We’ll unload your luggage when you arrive and prepare it to be boarded. When you’re ready to depart, our staff will load your luggage onto your shuttle, and when you arrive at your terminal, your shuttle driver will unload your luggage for you as well. We include baggage handling on return trips too.

Newark Airport Parking Shuttle

Our Shuttles Run on Your Schedule

Our shuttles are clean and modern and available around the clock. Better yet, they run when you need them as opposed to on a set schedule, and that service is included with your cheap Newark Airport parking. Our drivers are highly experienced and customer oriented. We’re located only minutes away from EWR. We’ll drop you off at your terminal, and when you return, we’ll come directly to your terminal to pick you up.

Earn Free Parking With Our VP Club

Our VP Club is available to all of our customers and is free to join and never requires any fees at all. As a VP Club member, you’ll receive a members-only discount on our standard parking rate. You’ll earn 10 VP Club points for joining up and another point each time you pay for a day of parking, and you can trade those points in 10 at a time for a free day of parking with all benefits included.

Earn Free Parking Near Newark Airport

Choose Value Parking for Cheap EWR Parking

Value Parking not only offers you cheap Newark Airport parking but gives you real value for that low price, including outstanding customer service, peace of mind, on-demand shuttles, and much more. Book your reservation today or call us with any questions about our services.

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