EWR Long Term Parking Should Be Affordable

The parking lots at Newark Airport bring out the worst in your fellow drivers. They tailgate while you’re looking for an empty spot, then beep the horn if you take too long to pull into the slot. Drivers in a hurry treat the yellow lines as mere suggestions, parking at an angle and with a tire crossing over into the next space. Cars headed in the opposite direction straddle the center of the aisle, forcing you to pull over and wait for them to pass. You’ll get a headache before you’ve even arrived at your gate. At Value Parking, our off-site valet parking facility saves you from all of that stress, and can lower your EWR long term parking cost at the same time!

EWR Long Term Parking Cost

Convenient EWR Parking

Just make a reservation online, and you’ve got a guaranteed parking spot, we don’t even require prepayment! After you arrive at our lot, we’ll park your car for you with our convenient valet service. You won’t have to squeeze in next to an inconsiderate motorist who has parked too close to the yellow line. Our friendly drivers will help you load your luggage onto our shuttle van. You’ll enjoy a short ride and arrive at the terminal less stressed than if you had fought traffic around the airport parking lots. At the end of your trip, just call or text us from the baggage claim, and we’ll come get you. We take you and your luggage right back to your car.

Secure EWR Parking

Don’t leave your car’s safety to chance in a poorly-lit, unattended parking lot. A low EWR long term parking cost doesn’t mean that you need to skimp on security. Our alert employees patrol our fenced lots 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We monitor live camera feeds in our office. Our bright lights allow our cameras to work well even at night.

The Perks of a Family-Owned Business

We’re not a large corporation that cares more about making a buck than about its customers. Our family takes care of you in the way we’d like to be treated if we were taking a trip. The shuttle driver will even offer you a free bottle of water on a hot day. We focus on providing you with the most value for the Newark Airport parking cost.

Save On Your EWR Long Term Parking Cost with the VP Club

On top of our low EWR long term parking cost, join our VP Club for even more savings. VP Club members get the best rates, guaranteed, and earn points towards free valet parking. Every day you park with us you will gain 1 point, 10 points will earn you a free day of parking!

In order to enjoy the benefits of Value Parking, make a reservation today. Let our family take care of you.