My experience with Value Parking was very positive. It was easy to get to, and the service was exceptionally courteous — the kind of courteous you can tell is drilled into employees and matters to business owners. I was taken to the airport right away and it was a breeze. On the way back, I got in late — my flight arrived on time around 11:15 PM. I had read reviews of various facilities that said this part of the parking experience could be problematic. I did have to wait about 20 minutes, but I had already given myself over to the cup of cappuccino that was going to help me make the hour drive back home, so I didn’t mind. It seems to me that the Value Parking driver must have left the parking facility right when I called, whereas other lots seemed to have drivers circling the road around the airport. This could speak to the volume of business each lot does. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Value Parking driver left right away and got there as soon as possible; however, I would say if it’s important to you to NOT wait at a late hour, be prepared to pay more (the vans I saw multiple times while I was waiting included McClennan, Haynes, The Parking Spot, and Wally Park). I on the other hand was very happy with my 20 minutes, a very courteous and attentive staff, and a great value.