I cannot remember if I placed a review when I had just used Value Parking, so I am placing this one right now.

Value Parking was very easy to get to. Very well lit and the employees were phenomenal. I got there a bit earlier then my scheduled reservation time, (arrived at 3:45am, res time was 4am), and there was no charge for the earlier arrival to leave my car. The shuttles run pretty frequent. I was originally waiting on the 4am shuttle, but another one arrived earlier and took me right over to the airport. Also, my flight was delayed 1-2hrs due to severe thunderstorms happening in Newark, and I while I was on the plane, I called and they said that there would be no charge for the additional time the car would be in their lot. Also, there is the option to have them get gas, detail your car or both before you return, which is a great feature and service, but I did not opt that. But something to consider if you are interested.

Another reason I am happy I chose Value Parking is that this shuttle service drops you right off at the gate. All the hotels that had the airport parking, drop you off at AirTran. And from experience, AirTran is not always reliable. So when I saw Value Parking after google searching “Newark Airport Parking” I read all the reviews. And I agree with them, that this was the best choice.

I will definitely choose them again!